Social Security Number Searches

A reverse Social Security Number search or SSN Locate are among the most accurate ways to search for people and verify SSN information.

verify SSN

Are you looking for an eVerify alternative to verify a social security number belongs to the right person, or, you have an SSN and need to locate an address, or verify someone is who they say they are?

You may need to locate a social security number for legal reasons; issue a 1099 during tax season, file court paperwork or a lawsuit or summary judgment, locate someone for collection on a bad debt, track down deadbeat dads for back child support, to investigate fraud, or find an SSN to conduct a skip trace or professional people search.

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  SSN and Name Match
This SSN and Name Match verification is similar to our instant SSN match which is an alternative to eVerify. This search determines if the SSN and name combination you have are a match. A professional researcher will review your results to ensure accuracy. More Info.
  Reverse SSN Search
This is a Reverse Social Security Number Search. You provide the SSN and last name (or part thereof) plus a reason for your request and your assigned investigator will work to locate your subjects address, phone, and more. More Info.
  Find SSN from Name and Address
Use this search to locate the Social Security Number of your subject. You will need to provide the Name and Address of your subject as well as a legal reason to obtain the SSN. More Info.


Last Name
Reason for Info Request  (Req)
Other Legal Reason (Required)
Price: $9.97
No Info Refund: $7.00


Last Name
Reason for Info Request  (Req)
Other Legal Reason (Required)
Comments or other info to help your investigator
Price: $39.97
No Info Refund: $29.97


First Name
Last Name
Last Known Street Address
Reason for Info Request  (Req)
Other Legal Reason
Additional Details for Investigator
Price: $57.00
No Info Refund: $40.00
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    • SSN and Name Match
      • This SSN and Name Match verification is similar to our instant SSN match. The difference is a professional will review your results. This is useful when you don't have the exact spelling of your subject's name (difficult to spell names, you have paperwork that is hard to read, or certain cases where there can be multiple spellings of a name) a professional review increases your chances of proper verification.
    • Reverse SSN Search
      • This is a Reverse Social Security Number Search. You provide the SSN and closest spelling of last name plus a reason for your request and your assigned investigator will search using the SSN (social security number) you provide to locate your subjects address history, phone numbers, possible aliases and death records.
    • Find SSN from Name and Address
      • The find SSN by Name and Address search can be used if you need Details finding a person's social security number for various reasons which include location for judgment collection, tax reporting (issue a 1099), debt or loan repayment or other valid reasons. Your search will be conducted using several proprietary systems to accurately locate the SSN of your subject. The SSA does not provide this information.

        You may NOT request SSN information on government officials or celebrities without a court order. Investigators can not obtain SSN information on minors, recently issued SSNs (a recent immigrant or child), illegal immigrants, a relatively new issued SSN, someone using a work visa, or a deceased individual. It may be difficult to locate your subject if the address you provide is not a valid address or has not been reported by your subject in the last 10 years, or if the name of your subject is very common.
    • SSN and Name Match or SSN Search
      • Enter Social Security Number (SSN) and Last Name. Double check spelling of the last name carefully. NOTE: If name is not an exact or close match to the SSN, your report will come back as "Does not Match". If report does not match and we think you may have misspelled last name or there is a possible alternate spelling you may be contacted prior to report being posted.
      • Select a Valid reason for this search from the dropdown box.
      • Enter additional information that could Details your case (for Reverse SSN only).
      • Click "Order Now" button when form is complete.

    • Find SSN from Name and Address
      • Enter your subject's First and Last Name
      • Enter your subject's address (the current or most recent one you have). The street number, street name, and unit, suite, or apartment number should all be entered in the address field. Then enter city, state, and zip.
      • Enter Last Known address (within 15 - 20 years is fine), this is especially useful for the investigator if your subject moved within the last 12 months or the most recent address you provided is new.
      • Select one of the valid reasons from the drop down box. If you select other, you must include additional details.
      • Add any additional details that you can to Details your assigned investigator understand your case or if there are special circumstances about the spelling of the name, or if there are multiple last names or hyphenated names they might need to search. Adding a DOB or other information that can Details your investigator identify your subject is useful.
      • You will be required to submit supporting documentation for this search upon placing this order. Once your order is placed, you will be able to either upload documents or fax them to us after you order. Valid documentation can include any one or more of the following:
        • A notarized affidavit of facts from an Attorney
        • A copy of a bad debt (past due loans), judgments, any official court paperwork
        • Employers requesting info for 1099 tax purposes must fax front and back of a cashed check
        • Document to back up claims to a civil or criminal investigation
        • A signed contract between the parties
      • You may request a child's SSN but you must send us the birth certificate, be a parent or a legal guardian. SSN cannot usually be obtained for individuals under 21 years old.
      • When you are finished completing the form, Click "Order Now".
    • SSN and Name Match
      • If SSN matches Last Name provided your report will include:
        • All Names Associated with SSN that Match Last Name Provided. This search also includes all found name variations (aka’s).
        • Date or Year of Birth (when available)
        • Cities Lived (includes cities and states found where SSN and names were reported)
        • SSN Status. Includes death records search, state of issuance and approx. date issued
        • This search does NOT include address information.
      • If SSN does NOT match last name your report will simply state SSN Does NOT Match Name.
        • In cases where it appears there could be an alternate spelling of the last name, you will be sent a secure message and be notified to login via email to respond prior to results being posted.
    • Reverse SSN Search
      • Include the Last Reported address (does not guarantee it is the current address).
      • Previous Address History (up to 10 years)
      • Any Phone Numbers when available.
      • Possible Aliases (aka’s) when available.
      • Death Records Search.
    • Find SSN from Name and Address
      • Your subjects Social Security Number (SSN)
      • Your Subjects Name and Address if different than what you provided.
      • DOB if available
    • Assisted SSN & Name Matching - Price: $9.97
    • Reverse Social Security Number Search - Price: $39.97
    • Find SSN from Name and Address - Price: $57.00
    • Assisted SSN & Name Matching - No Info Refund: $7.00
    • Reverse Social Security Number Search - No Info Refund: $29.97
    • Find SSN from Name and Address - No Info Refund: $40.00
    • If no information is found for your subject, you are eligible for a refund.
      Note: No refund is available if your investigator locates ANY information associated with your subject.
    • Do not submit requests on celebrities, public officials, law enforcement officers, judges, members of armed forces, or employed by the county, state or federal government. If you do, your full fee may be forfeited.
    • Assisted SSN & Name Matching - Typically 1 business day
    • Reverse Social Security Number Search - Typically 2 business days
    • Find SSN from Name and Address - Typically up to 5 business days
    • Some circumstances may cause your search to take longer. Additional information described in terms of service. New customers, please add 1-3 business days for required verbal verification of your new account.